How is descrimination portrayed throughout To Kill a Mockingbird?all types of descrimination: race, gender etc

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
There is a lot of discrimination in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The most prominent example is the trial of Tom Robinson. It is shown that Tom did not and could not have commited the crime he was accusted of, yet he was still convicted. Atticus Finch was ridiculed because he represented Tom. Even though the town knew that Mr. Ewell was violent and was likely the one who hurt his daughter, they still tried to come after Tom in the jail house. There is also some discrimination against Calpurnia. Many of the neighbors disapprove of Cal's relationship with the Atticus's children. Even the town's housing is segregated and separated. Of course there are other examples of discrimination besides racism. Scout is often teased and treated differently from Jem because she is a girl. She is expected to behave in a different manner and be less capable of some activities than Jem. We also see that Boo Radley and his family are discriminated against. The children are afraid of the yard and the house itself. The town keeps its distance from the Radleys and especially from Boo. No one seems to notice the true nature of Boo.
izaak | Student

they say the n word among others, also it just really makes fun of black people

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