How is the trial described as well as the scene inside and outside the courthouse? The question is about the first day of Tom Robinson's trial. Also, we must include statements that might have been made by one of the men in the "Idler's Club", Reverend Sykes, and Miss Stephanie Crawford.

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The issue was about racial prejudices, and the courthouse demonstrated the separation of the races very distinctly. The whites were seated on the first floor, and the blacks were seated in the balcony. Separate, but not equal, you see. Warm air rises, and it was hotter in the balcony. The people in the balcony could not see as well or hear as well either. The jury was all white. Law dictates a jury of the accused's peers hear the case and decide on it. There were no blacks on the jury, even though Tom Robinson was black.

An Idlers' Club member would probably be heard to mumble, "Ain't right. Those folks is setting up in mah usual seat." Reverend Sykes would be accepting of what went on in the court because "That's the way things are here in Maycomb." Miss Stephanie Crawford would likely say, "Atticus should be ashamed, letting his children sit with the coloreds."

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