how to describe a sampling distribution?Also,What parameters are required to express this distribution?   Thanks!

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Generally, we describe many things on a normal distribution.  You have seen this before.  It looks like a bell, because most of the average numbers are in the middle, and there are a few on either side that are higher or lower.

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Can you give us more information?  Generally, you would want to describe it by giving a mean and/or a median.  You would also want to give the standarad deviation so that we would know how tightly the data is clustered around the mean.  Is that what you need?

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The mean, variance, and standard error of the distribution are generally used to describe a sampling distribution.  See for the following examples of descriptions and more information on describing sampling distributions:

PopulationStatisticSampling distribution Normal: Sample mean from samples of size n Bernoulli: Sample proportion of "successful trials" Two independent normal populations:


Difference between sample means, Any absolutely continuous distribution F with density ƒ Median from a sample of size n = 2k − 1, where sample is ordered to Any distribution with distribution function F Maximum from a random sample of size n