How to describe the Quetzalcoatl powers ?

krcavnar | Student

Quetzalcoatl was an ancient god of Central American primarily the Aztec.  The name Quetzalcoatl means “Feathered Serpent” and as a god he ruled over the wind, was the “giver of breath” and was a creator who identified with the sun and yet could descend into the land of death.  It is said that he sprinkled his blood over ancient bones giving life to those men who inhabited the earth.  He was also the god of learning and books and inventor of the calendar. 

Quetzalcoatl was also a historical ruler who helped cultivate maize (corn) and taught men to study the heavens. He is said to have set himself ablaze upon a funeral pyre that drifted away along the river.  He claimed that he would return one day.  Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes was able to trick the Aztec into believing he was the returning Quetzalcoatl which ultimately helped him defeat the Aztec nation.

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