How Desai strikingly convey gender biases in Shakot in Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard?

Pinky reflects the gender biases of Shahkot. She plays into the stereotypical norms of teen girls. She's preoccupied with movies, beauty, and attention. Then there's her brother Sampath. Sampath, of course, lives in a tree and shares the secrets that he learned from his post office job. While Sampath doesn't meet the criteria of a stereotypical man, if he wasn't a man, the people of Shahkot probably wouldn’t grow to think of him as a wise person.

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Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard is one of my favorite novels. I find the story of Sampath enchanting. I also find, as your question already acknowledges, that Kiran Desai illuminates many gender biases in the village of Shahkot.

Gender bias is addressed through Sampath's sister Pinky. Pinky is obsessed with Indian movie stars and longs to look like one. You could conclude that such a trope plays into gender biases about girls. It fits the stereotype that most girls want to be beautiful and famous.

Another gender bias occurs when Pinky complains she is being stalked by men on the street. Of course, Pinky's father thinks she's being melodramatic. He...

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