How depletion of natural vegetation causes the depletion of wildlife ?Can anyone please explain that how the wildlife gets affected because of depletion of natural vegetation.

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There are many reasons why depletion of natural vegetation may cause depletion of wildlife.

For many animals, vegetation is a primary, if not only, source of nutrition. For plant-eating animals, a decline in the availability of vegetation means a decline in food needed to sustain life. If plant life decreases due to drought, climate change, other natural disaster, or for some man-made reason such as pollution or land being developed for human use, the effect on the wildlife of the area is the same - less to eat leads to fewer animals surviving.

Natural vegetation serves as habitat and/or camouflage for some animals. Wildlife will migrate away from areas that don't offer protection from enemies or places to nest and raise offspring, leading to depletion of wildlife in a given location.