How is a democratic government run?  

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In a democratic government, people elect their leaders. There are elections held to determine who will represent the people at the local, state, and national levels. The candidates running for office will  campaign by telling the people what they believe and what they hope to accomplish when they get elected to office.

Since the elected representatives are supposed to represent the people that elected them, they need to listen to what their constituents want them to do. They should represent the viewpoint of the majority of the people they represent. These leaders can gather information by holding meetings, talking phone calls, receiving letters, and sending out surveys.

Depending on the office, elections are held for various lengths of time, usually ranging from two to six years. If the elected representatives are doing a good job in the minds of the people they represent, they should have a good chance of being reelected. In a democratic government, the people have the power because they choose their leaders.

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