iklan100 | Student

Dear amazona0124

Hello. Although this is a very basic philosophic question and not really one that one can list long lists/links and such, in my view, I would like to answer this very simply and briefly please-- Im sure you can expand and develop this idea on the basis of your own life and experience of living?

Death is the 'end' of life--or this life, if you believe in an after life-- and when death comes, as it does to all humans, eventually, then all life/living experiences and pleasures and joys come to an automatic end. Hence, Death 'qualifies' Life, gives it sense and meaning and significance: after all, we dont know when we will die, when death will suddenly descend upon us, so we try to make the most of life, right? Every moment, every breath becomes so precious and valuable.

I hope this is helpful.

kichu444 | Student

hi soduv,

may i first start with a thank you and then a sorry.thank you for informing me that i am bring in a faded answer and you cant really get the meaning.actually i had written it with an inner meaning and dedicated it to them those who really dont give any importance to life.i am sorry bcz i was really shocked to know that a tenth grader didnt understand the simple english of a nienth grader.sorry once again if my words hurt you.

soduv10 | Student

hi kichu444,

i must apologize before hand but i dont understand what youve writetn at all, could you explain in simple words what you mean to say? thank you.

kichu444 | Student

the answer which is already said is the best way to show that the life is precious.that is why it is said that live the life to the fullest dont just stop it without His permission, suiciding is not the way just to escape from your problems. first of all if u have a problem keep it a little far away and then it will look more smaller than before or just view it from a different angle, if you know which is the right angle you have to focus from.

this is not really the answer for the question,but this question really reminded me of this message which i had to give before many of them left this world without really willing to.

thanks for giving such a good oppertunity for me to convey this message


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