How does the daughter change over the course of the story "Two Kinds"?

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When Jing-mei was a child, it did not take long for her to rebel against her mother's expectations of her. Suyuan, Jing-mei's mother, believed that Jing-mei could be a prodigy of some kind, of any kind, and so she pushed Jing-mei hard in order to find out what kind of prodigy she could become. They tried geography, math, gymnastics, weather prediction, memorization, and more. However, Jing-mei grew to feel that she would always be "ordinary" and so she promised herself that she would not "let her [mother] change [her]." She became willful and began to reject her mother's tests and strategies. Their relationship became a power struggle. Jing-mei assertied herself and insisted that she could not be a prodigy, and rather, should be loved the way she was. Her mother believed that Jing-mei could be great if she would only "be [her] best" and work hard.

Eventually, Jing-mei tells Suyuan that she wished she was not her mother. Adding insult to injury, Jing-mei wishes that she, would die like...

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