How does Daniel feel as he hears Jesus preach?

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Simon, an old friend of Daniel, takes Daniel to the synagogue one day. He tells Daniel that there's a man he'd like him to see, a man from Nazareth. That man, of course, is none other than Jesus. Initially, Daniel is deeply impressed by Jesus's obvious charisma and leadership abilities. This is a man whom Daniel can easily imagine following, as so many others have already done. Daniel believes that Jesus is just the man to drive out the Romans from the land of Judea.

Yet, his initial enthusiasm soon gives way to disappointment. Daniel is looking for a military hero like King David, a champion who will put the Romans to the sword and defeat them on the field of battle. But that's not who Jesus is. His message of love and peace, though inspiring in many respects, isn't really what Daniel wants to hear at that particular moment. Jesus is not the man Daniel thought he was, and that's a disappointment.

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