How does Danforth check Proctor's story in The Crucible?

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Danforth checks Proctor's story about Abigail—that she has only accused his wife, Elizabeth, because she wishes to remove Elizabeth from the picture by having her hanged for witchcraft—by asking that Elizabeth be brought in to confirm that she really did learn of an affair between Abigail and John and dismiss Abigail for this reason. In order to compel Danforth to believe what he says about Abigail, John has confessed to the magistrate that he and Abigail had a sexual relationship and that this is the reason Abigail wants his wife convicted. Danforth asks for Elizabeth to account for her dismissal of Abigail without being able to consult her husband before she answers his questions; wanting to protect John's reputation, she lies— something John has sworn she will never do—and claims only that Abigail displeased her and this was the only reason for her dismissal.

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