How is Daisy affected by materialism in the novel The Great Gatsby?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daisy is attracted to wealth and material objects throughout the novel and makes significant life decisions based on her future financial security. Despite the fact that she does not love Tom Buchanan, Daisy marries him because he comes from a wealthy family and is rich. Instead of marrying someone she loves, Daisy's decision is based on her financial security. Jordan Baker even tells Nick that when Daisy got drunk, she revealed her true feelings about Tom and said that Daisy changed her mind about marrying him. When Daisy takes a tour through Gatsby's home, she is in awe of his material wealth. Daisy even cries when she sees Gatsby's collection of expensive shirts. Daisy risks ruining her marriage to Tom when she decides to have an affair with Jay Gatsby because she realizes that he is also wealthy. Standing outside of her home, Gatsby comments to Nick, "Her voice is full of money" (128). Even Gatsby realizes Daisy is infatuated with money. At the end of the novel, Daisy decides to remain unhappily married to Tom after finding out Gatsby acquired his fortune by bootlegging. Again, Daisy does not follow her heart but chooses financial security over love. 

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