How are the current economic crisis factors such as layoffs, financial market failures and family stress affecting the majority of the population?  

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It is hard to say that these things affect the majority of the population in a given way.  After all, people in the US today are experiencing the economic crisis in very different ways.  Many people are not directly affected by the crisis at all, others are slightly affected, while still others are devastated by it.  Therefore, it is somewhat dangerous to talk about how "the majority" are being impacted by things like unemployment and other problems.

To generalize tremendously, though, the major impact of these factors is a decline in confidence in the economy and the country as a whole.  Polls show that people are very pessimistic about the direction of the country.  This link shows us that only 15% of Americans today feel that the country is headed in the right direction.  In addition, consumer confidence is at a very low level.

The economic crisis has tended to make people feel less confident about their own state of affairs and about the direction in which the nation is heading.

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