In To Kill a Mockingbird, how is the culture of the negroes in Maycomb different from the culture of the white people that Jem and Scout know?chapter 12

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When attending the Zion church, Scout and Jem first notice the different speech of Calpurnia.  When she is around the Finches, Calpurnia speaks with a traditional white and educated dialect.  However, amongst her fellow negroes, she slips into slang that is more common there.  During the service, the children become aware of the poverty that the church suffers from.  There are not enough hymnals, so everyone has to echo the lyrics of the hymns from another.  The church displays a sense of community that Jem and Scout have been unfamiliar with.  There is a lively atmosphere and a strong reliance on the aid of neighbors.  No one is allowed to leave the church until money has been raised for the Robinsons.  Scout and Jem have been used to a more formal setting, and enjoy the sociable air of the Zion church.  Lee uses this chapter to display the negro community as strong and united, very positive; this will control the reader's attitude as she begins to unfold details of the trial.

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i dunno

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