How culture influences social development?

gopikrishna | Student

Culture plays a principal role in establishing the national identity, in crystallizing the tracks ofthe social and economic development and in supporting the institutions associated with them. The more culture depends on originality and basic foundations, the more light it would throw on society to lead it towards openness and create reciprocal influence with other cultures without causing any changes in their characteristics. Only an original culture, one with humane dimensions, has the capability to create a civilization that leads the society to progress and develop ment.

Development impacts directly and indirectly on the way of life of a community.  Education, technology, new skills, increased earning power and access to information – all of these affect the individuals and the communities who are the beneficiaries of “development”.

As such, development may be viewed as a cultural process that may be hindered or facilitated by culture.  Development impacts upon the culture of those intended to be “developed” and in turn their culture impacts on the development process. Development brings with it new ideas, new values, new insights, increased access to information, contact with other cultures, the promise of a better quality of life, new aspirations, and invariably, a local or indigenous culture is influenced and evolves organically within the paradigm of the development ends and strategies.

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