How is the cultural value of machismo presented through Santiago Nasar and Bayardo San Roman in Chronicle of a Death Foretold? How do these 2 characters examplify Machismo

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Machismo is a cultural value that bestows upon men rights and privileges that would never be thought to be worthy of women. It is entirely based on gender, and not on the ethical treatment of every member of society as an equal. Moreover, machismo carries with it a sense of entitlement that is dependent on factors such as virility, strength and psychological domination. This being said, machismo is not only expected to take an effect on women as a "weaker sex", but also on weaker and less able males who become followers of what is commonly known as the more powerful "Alpha Male". This is a direct comparison to the way in which canines are equally submissive to the "Alpha Dog", or the most dominant dog of the pack.

Bayardo San Roman is the epitome of the "macho de monte" or town's alpha male. His character is crafted exquisitely to present all the common denominators of the true "man's man". First, he is the son of a distinguished and wealthy hero of the civil war, the General Petronio...

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