How to create a teachers roll book? Can anyone tell me how to create a teacher roll book?

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Grade books are very important to keep organized. Many schools also require teachers to turn in their grade books at the end of the school year so keep this in mind.

A grade book, or roll book, should also include information for the substitute teacher. This will have information such as when the school day starts and ends, the procedure for when students eat lunch, and teachers that they can easily get assistance from. It should also include office information. It is incredibly important to list any students who have any health or medical issues or special needs.

Roll books also include a student roster and usually a seating chart. Each individual class has its own section. It has spaces to record the students individual grade, total points possible, and the date that the assignment was given.

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A teacher's roll book is an interesting way of stating a gradebook... I think.

As a teacher, I am responsible to keep track of two types of information in a spreadsheet format, but the old fashioned way was to keep a roll book.

One set of pages should take attendance. This would have your student names alphabetized down the left side of a chart, and the dates of the semester across the top. The next set of pages you would need is for grades. List names down the left side again, then assignment titles as they arise across the top.

You can easily do this in Excel.

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Is this an assignment for a class? I see you are a college senior, so I suppose it is an acceptable assignment for future teachers. First, you can probably buy one at a good educational supply store. There are many different varieties with slight variables to most of them. Most roll books include blank spaces for 25+ students listed from top to bottom of the book. From left to right are small grids on double pages to allow for grades and/or other notations, such as absences, tardies, incompletes, etc. There are generally enough of these pages to document all of the classes you may be teaching (five course, six courses, etc.) These grids generally cover enough space for a school term (six weeks, nine weeks, ten weeks, etc.). At the very far right of each right page will be additional gridded spaces for such things as grade average, exam grade, final grade, total absences, etc. There is usually additional space for notes, student and/or parent information and even suggestions about keeping a good roll book. I would suggest you visit an educational book store and either buy or look over a roll book (or borrow or view one from a current teacher).

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