How could you write a headline of 16-18 characters including spaces. two lines max on :the drug of choice among teenagers today is alcohol. and there is a friday deadline for drivers license pictures to be taken and a nude man was arrested for trespassing on rail road property I am not sure how to write a headline at all. this is just for my own fun

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Headlines are composed mostly of nouns and verbs, with occasional adjectives. They are not sentences. They must deliver a message in as few words as possible, yet still be clear in meaning to the reader. Some hilarious headline bloopers are " Eye Drops Off Shelf", about a recall of eye drops, and "Teacher Strikes Idle Kids", about a teachers' union whose strike keeps the kids from attending school. Both can be misinterpreted with a giggle.

Alcohol #1 Drug Choice of Teens

Picture Deadline Nears for Drivers

Naked Trespasser Arrested on the Rails

I'm sure there are a great variety of ways to get the message across. Consult a dictionary of synonyms to find other ways to state the main verbs and nouns used in the message.

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Teens and Alcohol

I would recommend a play on words with the teen choice awards and using beer or alcohol in it but you are very limited by space, so the above title is my best recommendation.

Pictures by Friday

This is also limited by space. In your first sentence, make sure you get out the rest of the information.

Nude Rail Walker

This is the easiest. People will see the word nude and read to figure out more. Then, make sure to get the who, what, why, where and when out in the very beginning. The biggest problem with news reading is that people often read only a little bit.

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