How could you use a issue from the news headlines to learn more about the scientific method?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The scientific method is used to solve a problem or question. The problem must be stated clearly as a question. Next, gather information on this problem that already exists. From there, one formulates a educated guess which is a possible solution to the problem or question. Usually experimentation is done to gather data to see whether the hypothesis is correct or not. Analysis of data is next, followed by a conclusion. This type of thinking is used when a drug study is done on a new pharmeceutical product. There are always news reports of new drugs coming to the marketplace. For example..will acne clear up using product X? The hypothesis could be that product X will cure acne faster than existing products. Experimentation, research, analysis and conclusions will be carried out before the claims can be validated. Scientific method is used when police try to solve crimes which are always in the news headlines. Really, scientific method is a sound way to solve problems logically in all areas of life.

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