How could you re-design the joint to allow it to have greater degree of movement?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different joints in our body have different degrees of movement and freedom. For example, our shoulder joints are the most flexible and are capable of many degrees of movements (including flexion, extension, rotation, elevation, etc.), while the neck is only capable of rotation. We can redesign the joints with lesser movement to increase the degree of movement by 

  • Joint articulation: Using a shallow socket joint (as in the shoulder) instead of say, a deep socket (as in the hip) to increase the mobility.
  • Fewer joint ligaments: ligaments are fibrous bands that prevent excess movement of joints. By providing fewer ligaments, we can enhance the degree of movement of a joint.
  • Supporting muscles and tendons: are required to provide support during movement and hence would be key to additional movement after re-design.

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