How could you ensure all city residents about the importance of the census? comparing and contrasting historical figures such as economic and demographics

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Basically the best way to tell residents about the importance of the census is by showing them how messy our statistics in demographics will be. If we cannot ascertain how many people live in the United States, nor how many families or ethnicities, we would never be able to asses what needs are available or what services could be given to citizens.

Also, by knowing for sure how many LEGAL citizens are living in the US, we know how many ILLEGALs are here as well, and we can take measures to see how to control illegal entry to the States, thus procuring more securities for those already here, and ensuring that our resources are not used in the wrong way.

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I think that the census bureau has done a fairly good job of advertising the importance of the census tally.  The placards at train stations and buses and commercial advertising has been quite effective.  Outside of this, being able to physically go out and alert people as to its importance might be the next step in this process of notification.  "Pounding the pavement" and directly explaining to people, with a sense of credibility, might be able to compel people to complete the census and allow them to understand its overall importance to all areas in terms of representation and the benefits of simply being counted.

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