How could you compare and contrast the poem "Best Society" by Philip Larkin to Fahrenheit 451?

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Larkin's poem "Best Society" deals with some of the same themes as Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

The most prominent connection is the choice of isolation, the choice of solitude; the choice against the group. This is a similarity between the two works. The central figure in each makes a conscious choice to pursue an individual path and in doing so chooses to leave the group.

Another connection is the idea that identity and virtue are social concepts, existing only within the group. Montag will lose all his social standing and the respect of his peers and even his wife if he chooses to read and to run away. The poem's narrator expresses a similar idea.

A difference between the two works is the poem's use of irony (the novel uses no irony). The poem certainly questions the notion that all identity and all qualities are social, but does this through irony. The novel is quite direct in its treatment of the central themes of social value, individuality, etc.

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