How could I write a monologue of up to at least 250 words for Tituba in The Crucible?

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If you are writing a monologue for Tituba, a character in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, one of the most influential aspects of your monologue will be where you decide to place the monologue within the play:

  • As a prequel to Act One: Tituba, at the request of several of the village girls, performs a "ceremony" for them, although little detail exists about what this ceremony is. You could explain how Tituba feels about the request, explain what happens during the ceremony, or explain how Tituba is feeling after the ceremony is discovered by Reverend Parris. 
  • Concluding Act One: Tituba has admitted to witchcraft and accused other women -- does she feel guilty? Is it true? Is she afraid? 
  • Within Act Two: Tituba is stuck in prison, seeing people come in and out as they are accused of witchcraft and found guilty. Does she feel like she caused this? Does she feel like a victim? 
  • Within Act Three: Tituba is due to hang in Act III. How does she feel? 

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