How could this theme statement be applied to life today? (two specific examples) Theme statement: "Madness is relative." This is the group project for Heart of Darkness. The madness is described as Kurtz in the novel.

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There are several angles you could take with this question. If you think of Kurtz's madness developing slowly over time as he is over-exposed to the jungle, you can make a definite connection to the use of Facebook in our time. Kurtz didn't have the ability, or lost the ability to self-regulate when he was in the jungle. He was blind to everything but the acquisition of ivory. In the same way, many people who use Facebook have become blind to the things around them. They don't realize how much time they spend on it, or how dependent they are on it. Cell phones and PDAs could be linked to ivory in this case. Once Kurtz became successful at obtaining ivory, he was constantly looking for more and better ways to get it. It became an obsession. I think you could argue that PDAs, cell phones and Facebook each cause obsession.



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