How could meeting small groups of women in their homes to talk about pants possibly be an efficient communication strategy for Red Ants Pants?

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We might not think that talking to small groups of women in their homes would be a very efficient communication or marketing strategy because we are used to big firms who are trying to market to a mass consumer base.  However, Red Ant Pants is not trying to be such a firm.  Instead, it is trying to market specialized clothing to a rather small customer base.  Therefore, such a strategy could be effective, particularly in modern times with the importance of social media.

Red Ants Pants is trying to market mainly to women who need pants for performing manual labor.  This is not a huge market segment.  Among such women, it is very likely that decisions on what to wear would be made in part due to word of mouth.  Because their numbers are so small, word of mouth might actually be an effective way to reach a significant proportion of them.

By talking to women in their own homes, the Red Ants Pants people could convince individuals one on one.  Those people would then be more likely to tell their friends about the pants.  This word of mouth would spread, perhaps helped by social media.  If the firm were trying to reach millions of customers, this would not be a great strategy, but for such a small market segment, it is one that could work.