How could I write a thesis about "The Tyger" which deals with imagery? 

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In this poem, Blake uses imagery that describes the fearsomeness of the tiger, but also shows the creature's beauty. The fearsomeness of the tiger contrasts as well to the gentleness of the lamb.

A possible thesis could be (you will need to finesse this and make it your own): The imagery William Blake uses to describe the tiger emphasizes the speaker's questions about the paradox [contradictions] of God's nature: how could a God that created a creature as gentle as a lamb also create one as destructive and yet beautiful as a tiger?

Imagery that shows the tiger as beautiful is

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night
This is visual imagery that shows the tiger shining bright against the night darkness, attracting the eye. Yet the words "fearful symmetry" soon after this image pair the idea of beauty with the idea of fear, raising a paradox or contradiction in our mind as we struggle to balance what is attractive in the tiger with what is terrifying. The concept of this creature as terrifying is continued with the images of the "dread" hands and feet of its creator: a frightening god is envisioned creating this fearful animal.
The image of the "Lamb," which brings to mind both a sweet, innocent, fluffy, white picture of a lamb, and the image of Christ, the lamb of God, focuses the reader on the contrast between the lamb and the tiger.
The imagery throughout the poem reinforces a theme that raises questions it never answers: What is the nature of God?
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