How could I describe the mood and tone of the poem "This is the Dark Time, My Love" by Martin Carter?

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The poem’s tone is despairing and gloomy.  The mood of the poem is somber and morose.

Tone is the author’s attitude toward a subject.  It is conveyed through careful word choice, especially in poetry.  Mood is the emotional effect on the reader.  Basically, by using a certain tone, the author creates a related mood.

The poet’s word choice demonstrates a gloomy state.  The word “dark” is used repeatedly.  There are also other words such as “oppression,” “misery,” and “death.”  Using these words tells us what the poet is thinking, or at least the poet’s attitude.  The despairing and gloomy tone contributes to how the reader feels when reading the poem, or the somber and morose mood.


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