How could current society benefit from the novel, Fahrenheit 451? And what would be the main theme for this topic?I need help stating a thesis to be exact. 

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jenniferhays eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main theme for Fahrenheit 451 is one of choosing between seeking knowledge, or remaining ignorant.  In the novel, “firefighters” are used not to put out accidental fires, but to destroy books, which represent knowledge.  Those in society seem unwilling to seek out any knowledge, apart from what their government tells them they should know.  Repeatedly, the reader is told that knowledge, mainly in the form of books, will complicate our lives, and bring us unhappiness.  Of course, through reading the novel, Bradbury urges us to seek knowledge, to let it transform our lives.  He urges us to have the leisure to think about our new knowledge, and the freedom to exercise our new beliefs.  These beliefs are of value to any society that values personal freedom of thought and the seeking of knowlege.   

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