How could I conclude my answer to the question below about working and living conditions in Britain during the Industrial Revolution? The question is: Every aspect of life was marred by unhealthy, revolting conditions and the constant danger of disease. How valid is this assessment of the living and working conditions, 1830-1848?

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The way that you conclude your answer must depend on what you have argued in your essay.  In other words, if you have agreed with the interpretation given, that is what you need to say in your conclusion.

So, if you are going to agree with the statement, then you would need to specify that and you would need to say a little bit to summarize your argument as to why this was.  As an example, you might say something like this:

Living and working conditions in the Industrial Revolution were very poor.  As factories arose, they attracted workers to the cities.  The workers crowded into areas that were not meant to hold so many people.  They worked in factories set up for making money, not for promoting the health of the workers.  Therefore, the workers truly did face revolting conditions and the constant danger of disease.

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