How could August Comte’s ideas relate to someone on a personal level? Like affect their worldview/attitude

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This is an excellent question, especially if we frame the answer under the same parameters that Comte used to create his own philosophical foundation.

Auguste Comte, known as "the father of Sociology" aimed to move forward the social order by using both a scientific and epistemological model of observation. His goal was to establish defined values and factors that would result in what is known as "ethical" behavior. Once established, these defined values would be applied to everyday life, despite of the many detractors and, other social variables, that may affect our behavior.

There is much more to Auguste Comte's philosophy than the mere development of a plausible system of ethics, but the gist of his theory is that, in order to live a "good" life, one must abide by a system of values.

Putting Comte's ideas on a social level, let us use a modern example: think about the many debates that have arisen as a result of the concept of "pro-choice". The debate surfaces because the idea of abortion seems to clash directly with the ethical value of "no killing". However, the scientific community, as well as the influence of politically-influenced media, have tried to explain and re-create the concept of "pro-choice" so that laws can be made to benefit their own agendas, while perhaps even ignoring the true needs and wants of women.

On a personal level, it is up to you, as an individual, to decide what is the correct decision to make. Although it is best to be "in" the situation to really know what choice you would end up making, the usual trend is to take a side based on your own system of values. Just having a pre-set system of values is Comte's philosophical view of living. Opting to look within our personal "book of values" instead of following the views and opinions of detractors ultimately shows an application of Comte's ideas.

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