How are corn and soy foods produced?

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I'll discuss soy products.

Soy beans have been grown for over 3000 years. Today soy beans are grown all around the world, in many climatic conditions. Since 1996, genetically modified soy beans have been commercially cultivated. The GM crops are pest resistant, and they can have enhanced oil production qualities.

The USA is the largest producer of soy beans.

Today about 85% of soy beans are crushed to make either soy bean meal, or oil.

98% of the flour is used in animal feed, while the rest is milled into soy bean flour and proteins.

Of the oil, 95% is used for human consumption (food), while the remaining 5% is used by industry (in soaps, bio diesel and fatty acids).

In total, about 6% of soy beans are used for human consumption - mostly in Asia.

The image displays soy bean utilization in 1987. Credit: Soya Technology Systems.

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