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To convert from kilograms to pounds, recall that 1 kilogram is equivalent to 2.54 pounds:

1kg = 2.205 lbs.


7.998 kg = 7.998 * (2.205 lbs) = 17.64 lbs.

You can also use the method of "unit fractions", which involves multiplying the given quantity by a fraction containing equivalent units in the numerator and denominator. For example, in this case, the fraction would have kilograms and pounds:

`(1 kg)/(2.205 lbs) = (2.205 lbs)/(1 kg) = 1`

Since the original quantity is measured in kilograms, you need to multiply it by `(2.205 lbs)/(1 kg)` , in order to cancel kilograms in the denominator and obtain results in pounds:`<br> `

`7.998 kg * (2.205 lbs)/(1 kg) = 7.998*2.205 lbs = 17.64 lbs` .

The answer is 17.64 lbs.

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