How to construct an ionic equation for the reaction of magnesum and dilute acid.

pramodpandey | Student

 We have

Metal + Acid = Salt + hydrogen (gas)
Magnesium+ hydrochloric acid = Magnesium chloride + hydrogen (gas)

The electronic configuration of Mg - 2,8,2

i.e number of the valence electron is 2.

There is covalent bond between hydrogen and chlorine.

The electronic configuration of Cl- 2,8,7

`Mg ->Mg^(++)+2e^-`

`Cl+2e^- ->2Cl^-`

`Mg+2HCl->Mg^(++)Cl^- _2+H_2 uarr` 

In formation of magnesium chloride , magnesium loses 2 electrons and chlorine gains two electrons. After losing electron magnesium become magnesium ion and after gaining electrons chlorine become chloride ion. So an ionic bonds form between Mg and Cl_2. Covalent bond between H_2 and Cl_2  break , Thus Hydrogen gas released.

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