How can I connect media works (a poem, film, or painting) to this passage from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? "Those people ....well... they're not people at all, Bruno....Well, at least not as we understand the term.... They're nothing to do with you. You have nothing whatsoever in common with them."

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This is a very interesting assignment.  I have found some interesting sites for you to investigate.  As far as paintings are concerned, there are two paintings that I think will support the passage that you have chosen.  One is "Arrival at Birkenau" and the other is "In the Gestapo Cellar".  Both paintings are by Ella Liebermann-Shiber.  I found them at the web (Listed below)  There is other art there also.  I went into explore and then into the Auswitz site.  You may want to do some more exploring to see if you find something more to your liking. 

Poetry was found on another site.  The poems I thought would support your passage are "Holocaust" by Barbara Sonek and another titled "Holocaust" by Sudeep Pagedar.  I found these at (See below) 

For films, you might look at Life is Beautiful, a 1997 film in which a Jewish father tries to make a game out of their imprisonment for his young son.  This could be used as a comparison of the two boys.  The other one you might look at is Auswitz, which was made in 2011 and chronicles the short period of time Auswitz was in existence.  

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