How is conflict a destrucive force in our lives?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Conflict can be a destructive force in one's life because it forces division.  Conflict in any and all of its forms can prove to be quite agonizing and brutal.  In conflict with another person, individuals are poised between opposing ends and the destructive element could be when neither side is wishing to back down from their original position.  In conflicts within self, there is a sense of intestinal anguish that can prove to be personally destructive.  When individuals are set against social orders or groups of people, there is a tendency for the bonds of trust and the fabric of togetherness to be damaged.  Finally, the conflict with nature is one where destruction is almost inevitable because of the cosmic order of progression; individuals die, nature continues with her growth.

While there is a great potential for conflict to emerge and create destruction, there is also a great power of redemption that lies within conflict.  Due to conflict, greater valences of understanding emerge and individuals possess greater senses of both themselves and others through conflict.  It is only through these moments, where destruction is a realistic end, can individuals understand how to navigate such challenges and seek to overcome this destructive element.  It is too static to suggest that all conflict yields destruction, but it is also naive to pretend that this reality is not present.