How are Conchetta and Mr Pignati like Lorraine's parents in "Pigman"?  How are they different?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Conchetta and Mr. Pignati are like Lorraine's parents in that both couples are incomplete.  Mr. Pignati has been separated from Conchetta through death, and Mrs. Jensen's husband has left her after cheating on her.  Both Mr. Pignati and Mrs. Jensen are profoundly affected by their abandonment - Mr. Pignati is devastatingly lonely, and Mrs. Jensen is deeply bitter towards life and people in general.

Conchetta and Mr. Pignati are more unlike Lorraine's parents than they are similar, however.  Conchetta and Mr. Pignati shared a relationship that was based on love, while Lorraine's parents' brief union was characterized by mistrust.  Mr. Pignati's and Mrs. Jensen's past relationships have a significant effect on how they relate to Lorraine.  Mr. Pignati dotes on Lorraine and treats her with care and a generous spirit; he has fun with her, and likes her as a person.  He is so happy to have her company after being isolated and alone that he goes overboard, wanting to buy her things and to make her happy.  Mrs. Jensen, on the other hand, is unkind and hypercritical of Lorraine.  She is cynical and rarely has anything nice to say about her daughter, is suspicious of her motives and her comings and goings, and always puts her down for for her appearance and her aspirations.