How are concerns of street prostitutes and escorts similar?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although these two types of prostitutes are in many ways different, they do share some common concerns.

First, they both share concerns about being the victims of violence.  Prostitutes are, by definition, going to be in situations where they are alone with strangers in situations where they cannot be protected from violence.  Therefore, they are both vulnerable.

Second, they both share concerns about sexually transmitted diseases.  They can reduce the risks by using condoms, but they may have problems with some clients who do not wish to use them.  They then end up having to make a choice between losing money and endangering their health.

Finally, both may face issues of being coerced into prostitution.  This is more common with street prostitutes, but escorts may also be coerced physically or economically.  Both, therefore, have concerns over being coerced and controlled by others who may harm them and/or take the money they earn.