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How is the concept attainment model different from the concept development model in education?

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The concept attainment model in education is credited to Jerome Bruner, and it is a strategy which uses structured inquiry to help students determine the attributes of something the teacher has formed. Students are given examples of items which contain the proscribed attributes as well as examples which do not contain those attributes. 

Students then look at both sets of examples--in groups, single units or all together--and attempt to identify those attributes which distinguish one group of examples or samples from the other. 

An effective example given from one of the links below uses concept attainment to help students determine two groups of math concepts. One pile of facts (in the form of cards or anything else that works) contains math problems that all result in the number ten. For example, 2 + 8, 1 x 10, 14 - 4 are all different ways of expressing the concept of 10. The other pile will contain problems that do not result in 10, such as 11 + 1 or 5 - 5. 

As students see these...

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