how to concentrate fully on the studies even after meeting with all distractions???.

chrisyhsun | Student

To be honest, if you are distracted to a point, I don't think studying after that would be that effective. Of course, if it is already 3am and the test is the next day, the best approach is to minimize the distractions as much as possible and try to focus on your study materials. However, the best approach to studying is to (essentially) eliminate distractions from the start. A good method of doing so may be to block times for rest and times for study. If you make a schedule for yourself and promise to yourself that, after one hour of studying, you will take a 15-minute Facebook/snack break, you're more likely to stay focused on the subject matter rather than think about whether you should go check Facebook. A good tool to use would also be a timer so that you can truthfully keep track, not just estimate when your study time is up. In order to eliminate distractions, I think it is important that you realize you sometimes need to take breaks and recognize these distractions instead of quitting the Internet cold turkey to study. It'll be an easier and probably more effective way to studying.

zumba96 | Student

Well try to remove all distractions from you or nearby you. If you have distractions like a phone or the computer, turn it off and focus on your studies. Look at the end goal of what your studies will bring and use that to fuel you. 

ayeshanihal | Student

i think you must not get distracted at all while studying for the must go to a certain room where no one disturbes you when you study and also you must not study continuously for 5-6 hours. as i think.