How did the Compromise of 1850 impact the South? 

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The Compromise of 1850 was just that, a compromise—each side the North and South, were given parts of what they wanted—however, the impact of the compromise ultimately furthered the divide between Northern and Southern sentiment in regards to slavery.

The Northern states were given some of their desired goals like the ending of the slave trade in Washington, DC, and the entrance of California as a free state. Along with that, they felt a victory was won in the fact that any new states could decide for themselves to be free or slave. The banning of the slave trade from the nation’s capital was mostly a symbolic victory, as it removed what many Northerners felt was a mark of shame on the country. The inclusion of California was a clear victory, something California themselves voted for because it did away with the earlier compromise of 1820, which would have split California into two states: one slave and one free.

The South won the right to have slavery in some of the new...

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