How to compare Snowball and Napoleon in Animal Farm??? PLEASE HELP!!!

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way to compare two characters in a story is to list their similarities and differences.  (A Venn diagram is very helpful in this situation). Start out with a list of similar physical and mental characteristics; for example, both characters are pigs and they believe in reorganizing the farm after getting rid of the farmer. They are both good leaders, out-spoken and intelligent. One can also compare characters by what choices and decisions they make, how they speak to each other, and how they speak to others. Look for specific word choices to analyze if one character is kind or unkind. Also look for how the author describes the way they walk, what habits they might have, and wha they value in life.  Making lists is a great way to find comparisons and differences between characters. For further insight, click on the links below for individual character analyses.