How do I compare and contrast Pony's life in The Outsiders with mine?

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Most teenagers can relate in some way with Ponyboy. He has what most people today would consider a hard life. He loves his family, but is totally different than both of his brothers. That leads to conflict between the three boys, with his oldest brother being head of household and the middle brother stuck in between. The boys don't have much money and have to stick together due to the untimely death of both parents. Like most teenagers, Ponyboy makes many decisions without thinking through what the consequences could be. Like all teens, Ponyboy is trying to figure out who he is, what he likes, and how to fit in somewhere in this world. Ponyboy is also very loyal to his friends, a truth to which many people can relate. Ponyboy Curtis is also very smart, but does not feel comfortable showing his intelligence to others. He is also a dreamer and a poet, which makes him different from the other Greasers. 


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