How is the word "community," in the state motto, a paradox in Brave New World?

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The word “community” is paradoxical because you can say that the society has a very strong community while, at the same time, you can say that it has no community at all.

In a sense, the society has a very strong community.  Practically everyone in a given caste has the same attitudes and likes the same things.  This is a very homogeneous and cohesive society.  We would typically say that it has a great sense of community.

But we also typically would say that community depends on caring for one’s neighbors and for the greater good.  This aspect of community is totally lacking in this society.  No one really cares about anyone else.  The whole society is made up of people who are fairly emotionless and, in a way, very alone because of their lack of emotion and caring.

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