Why do managers comment on the behavior characteristics of employees when conducting evaluations?

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Because the ability of individual employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner is vital to the ability of a business to operate effectively, human resource managers and employers routinely observe and comment on the behaviorial characteristics of their workers.

It is well-established that inappropriate behavior by one or more employee can have a seriously deleterious impact on the broader work environment.  Incidences of sexual harrassment, employee theft, habitual tardiness, or a history of slovenly appearance and demeanor all have an influence on the surrounding environment.  It degrades office morale, and diminishes productivity.  For these reasons, it is routine for managers to monitor and comment on employee behavior, particularly during the course of routine evaluations.  Managers concerned about maintaining a proper work environment, in which all employees are treated fairly and in which no behavior that is inappropriate in a professional workplace is tolerated conduct employee evaluations in which productivity and quality of work is measured alongside professionalism and ethical conduct.