How to comment on the statement as "massage work wonders in diabetes?

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akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Firstly, one has to put massage into the proper place where it belongs in medicine - as alternative medicine.  Meaning that while some people find that it does work for them, and more and more doctors are recommending alternative medicine as complimentary treatment to go alongside traditional medicine, alternative medicine still does not have the breath and width of substantiated research proving its effectiveness that traditional medicine has.

So the statement "massage works wonders in diabetes" may be true for some people, it's not something that can be substantiated across the board for everyone.

That said, some people have found that massage has helped with injection sites and with foot problems associated with diabetes.  People with diabetes also can benefit from the relaxing aspect of massage.  However most of the studies done on diabetes and massage have provided inconclusive results.

The best thing a diabetes patient can do is to consult their doctor and find out if trying massage to assist with their diabetes is right for them.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Good question. Just from the description, you can tell that the phrase is rhetorical. There are no such things are miracle drugs or treatments. However, there have been some evidence that massage helps with the circulation of blood, which may help with diabetes. The skeptical side of me say that massage would probably help with any disease. Blood circulation is good in general. So, if you want to supplement your treatment with massage, I am sure that it would not hurt, but I would not use it as a main treatment.  

giorgiana1976 | Student

Gentle therapy which the statement refers, is  directly related to the two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent (usually occures before 30 years) and non - insulin dependent (occures around the age of 40 years and increases its frequency with increasing of age).In any situation, excess blood glucose can be stored in certain tissues of the body. Structure and function of these tissues to alter and obstructed blood vessels can cause serious kidney complications or visual. To prevent such problems, detection and early treatment are essential.

Massage therapist  must first find from patient issues about appetite (excessive eating, weight loss), thirsty (if it is strong and permanent), fatigue, sleepiness, by increasing the amount of urine and micturition frequency, of hypertension, the limb mobility disfunctions. If some of the listed symptoms are present, additional therapy is made under the condition of the patient to be supervised by a physician.

Massage therapist does then an examination of muscles, the joints and tissues, with special attention to the legs, the shoulder blade and shoulder movements, the fingers and hands, spine movements. Also, check for spots around the ankles, slow healing wounds and signs.Proper work done still means a massage that favor bloodstream and lymphatics, and tapping, not at all deep, because of the skin and capillary fragility. Strengthening and drainage are slow and, in the first sessions, less frequent.

Spectacular effects

Effects of massage therapy to the persons with diabetes are numerous. Massage favors patient relaxation, acting on the nervous system. It helps eliminate excess of adrenaline and noradrenaline, two hormones often linked to high blood sugar. Massage decreases frequency and severity of swelling of feet and increase the intake of nutrients and oxygen to the skin and the muscles.

zwstephens | Student

It is true that massage therapy is complimentary to traditional medicine, however in the hands of a skilled massage therapist/ holistist the effects of diabetes as well as a wide range of other health issues  have been show to be reduced, if not eleminated, up to and including certain forms of cancer. As pointed out by the prevoius post a great deal of reseach has not been done on how extensive these effects can be attributed to massage or alternitive medicine alone, however, several of the techniques and philosophies employed by massage therapist today date back hundtreds if not thousands of years.