how closely do you believe that stress and health are related?how closely do you believe that stress and health are related?

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Look at people who have access to every kind of health resource imaginable, gyms, great health insurance, organic food, everything because they work incredible hours and make tons of money.  Are they healthier than the average joe?  And why not?  Perhaps because of the enormous stress they often decide to live with on a daily basis.

As previous posters have pointed out so well, there is absolutely a direct connection to all kinds of health problems physical and mental.

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Medical study after medical study have proven that stress is a factor in many health related problems including blood pressure. Stress for many is also a factor in overeating leading to the rising obesity in our nation.

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Stress and health are very closely related. As stated by other posters stress can lead to hypertension and other coronary diseases. Indirectly stress can cause health problems if the stress leads to unhealthy habits such as execessive drinking or even over-eating.

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Stress and health are intimately correlated. Medical professionals have verified that high stress levels lead, for example, to coronary disease. Lack of sleep creates stress and has a negative impact on health. Type "A" personalities have been demonstrated to experience higher stress levels AND higher incidences of heart attacks.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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The effects of stress in human health include

Increased high blood pressure leading to stroke

Cortisol increase that leads to weight gain, and heart conditions

Lack of sleep which leads to cognitive impairment (can't think straight)

Most importantly, when you are under stress you are prone to

a) smoke  b) drink  c) over/under eat  d) not exercise  e) get anxious  f) overmedicate   g) increase your heart rate and get erratic thoughts   h) not socialize   g) linger.

So there is a direct effect of stress in the human body which is not worth one's time nor energy. Always try to move your body, hydrate, eat good things, have fun, and don't sweat the small stuff

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There is a very high correlation between stress and health. A little stress is not bad, because it can cause a person to work at peak performance. However, high levels of stress are bad. The basic idea here is that when people are stressed their immune system are compromised. For this reason, they might get sick more easily. Stress also increases anxiety, which can bring about mental and psychological problems, which can then, in turn, take a toll on a person's body. High levels of stress also affects the cardio-system of a person. And there is even some evidence that stress can lead to cancer - more studies need to be done to prove this. In short, high and prolonged stress does hurt the body.

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In my opinion, stress and health are very closely related.  The effects of stress on health can be both direct and indirect.

When a person is stressed out, their body has to work much harder.  When the body has to work harder, it becomes more susceptible to sickness.  Stress also can lead to raised blood pressure, among other problems.  This is why health efforts, at least in the United States, often give advice on how to reduce stress.

In addition, for example, people tend to eat more when stressed.  This sort of thing can lead to added health problems.

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They are both very much related. I have the feeling that people under a great deal of stress probably have few outlets to get rid of the stress. The better health you are in, the less stress you probably have. Stress can lead to all sorts of medical problems.

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I agree with the above two posters, and will just share one of my own experiences to give reason for my answer. Interestingly, my condition is such that is very much connected with the above topic. Just now, as I am typing, I'm feeling inertly very stressed today from the evening, and can not focus on any single activity properly, neither can study nor can enjoy TV programme. Even, typing seems to be distasteful at present. Consequently, I am not feeling well. So, I can make it sure that, when one is under pressure or stress, mental or physical, can hardly goes on working normally, and gradually becomes ill.