Is our society moving in the direction of 'sameness' like in The Giver?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The modern world is moving closer and closer to the elimination of the individual every day. Children in school are prevented from excelling past their classmates, and competing school sports teams have no scores and no losers; everyone gets the same result, everyone gets a meaningless participation trophy. Another example is the strict two-child policy; created to keep overpopulation at bay, similar real-life policies have been used in China for decades, resulting in the deaths of many "unwanted" children even after birth. People with different opinions are shouted down; people who try to create new and interesting things are told that they must conform to societal norms. Fringe ideas are taken by media and turned mainstream; people wake up repeating slogans and thoughts that they heard the day before. If the "sameness" of The Giver is the removal of the individual from society, replaced with "the common good" and "the collective," then society is moving towards that end quickly and without thought to the future. The only result of this sort of homogenization is the complete subordination of citizens under rulers who, by necessity, are better-informed, empowered, and unwilling to live by the same rules that they enforce on their society.