How would you classify your parents’ child-rearing styles? What factors might have influenced their approach to parenting?  

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Since I obviously can't address your individual situation, I will discuss parenting styles in general terms that will help you identify how your parents have approached child-rearing. At the end, I will also mention some of the things that can influence parents.

As proposed by Diana Baumrind, a parenting style isn't any particular tactic, but rather the general approach that a parent takes to guiding, socializing, or controlling a child. Psychologists recognize four such styles.

Authoritarian parenting is what we observe when the parent demands blind obedience and seeks to control behavior through punishment or the threat of punishment. This may include the withdrawal of affection.

Permissive parenting emphasizes emotional warmth and a disinclination to enforce limits. The permissive parent is friendly and encouraging, but fails to step in when the child does something selfish, destructive, rude, or harmful.

Authoritative parenting represents a middle ground where a parent enforces certain...

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