How is Clarisse different than other teens in her society in Fahrenheit 451?

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The society in Fahrenheit 451 is based on hedonism, which is the pursuit of pleasure.  In this society, it is primarily physical pleasure and experience.  Clarisse, however, isn't interested in the activities that promote this.  She likes to be with people and to share ideas, to talk.  In her innocence, she questions the goals and priorities of her fellow teens, as well as of Montag. 

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Not only is she different from other teens in her society, but she is different from all other people in this society.  They are encouraged NOT to think but to sit in their living rooms and watch the screens on the wall as if this were real life.  Clarisse is actually entertaining original thought through observation, questioning, and her five senses.  She encourages Montag to do the same, and he is intrigued by the idea.  Her family also talks about the past and how things used to be, and she relays these ideas.  He is intrigued by this as well.  With each conversation she and Montag have, he questions things more and more.  She is ultimately the catalyst that begins his "awakening".

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She is unlike other teens her age because she voices her own opinion about things. She does not listen to what the elders want her to think she thinks for herself.

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