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When you are citing an eNotes page, you can click the link that says "Cite" in gray at the top right-hand side of the page. The citation contains all the information you need to cite the page.

The format you use depends on whether you are supposed to use MLA or Chicago format. Here is the general MLA format:

"How to Cook a Goose." ecooking, Accessed 6 June 2015.

You list the name of the article on a website in quotes, followed by the name of the website (in italics), the URL, and the date you accessed the article. If there is an author, list that person first with the last name followed by a comma and then the first name. Any lines after the first should be indented.

If you are using Chicago format, you should use the format below:

Ecooking. “How to Cook a Goose.” Last modified March 11, 2009.

The website in Chicago format comes first, followed by the name of the article in quotes, followed by when the article was last modified and the URL. Any line after the first should be indented. See the resources below for more information about Chicago and MLA citation formats.

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eNotes summaries and essays include a series of options right below the document title. These options are in a faint gray and include "print," "pdf," "cite," and "link." Simply click on the "cite" option.

eNotes provides a wealth of informational material on a very wide range of topics, from health care to literature. In short, there are essays available to subscribers that fit almost all college and high school assignments. In addition to the essays, many Homework Help questions posed by students have been asked before by other students. As a result, the eNotes database includes a multitude of answers already prepared by registered "educators" in response to earlier, similar inquiries. Specific to the question of how to cite eNotes documents, however, simply use the "cite" option described above. For illustrative purposes, a link to an eNotes essay on "Health Insurance" is provided below. By opening that attachment, the student can see the aforementioned list of options that includes "cite."

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If you need to cite a specific page, click the "Cite this Page" link that is just below the title (see the page below for an example). That will launch a separate window that has a pre-formatted citation.

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